Welcome to Bountiful Gardener! The goal of this site is to help people achieve more bountiful gardens. Whether you grow fruits and vegetables, flowers and ornamentals, lawns, trees, shrubs, or even mushrooms, Bountiful Gardener strives to provide the best information and tips for beginner and experienced gardeners.

Above all else, every article on this site is written to provide honest, up-to-date, and clear information. This is especially important for beginner gardeners, as inaccurate information can lead to frustration and giving up when things go wrong. With gardening, you should be prepared for failures and setbacks (trust me, I know!), and you’ll often learn to work with nature than against it. But each setback should be a learning experience that brings you one step closer to becoming a bountiful gardener.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Tony. I’ve been gardening since before I could pick up a shovel (shovels are heavy) but over the past 10 years, I’ve turned a summer hobby into a year-round passion, exploring new plants, new gardening methods, and new tools. As I’m writing this in late spring, I have tomato and eggplant seedlings growing under lights under my desk, so I sometimes get carried away, but I want to share what I’ve learned and my love of gardening with more people, as well the satisfaction of growing and eating your own food.