Oleander Overwintering and Cold Tolerance

Oleander is an easy to grow shrub that is grown for its beautiful blooms and evergreen olive-like foliage (hence the name). Although it naturally grows in Mediterranean, subtropical, and tropical regions, it can tolerate some cold temperatures and can be successfully grown in colder temperate climates with adequate protection or overwintering indoors. Read below to … Read more

What Causes Sticky Citrus Leaves

Sticky leaves on citrus trees is often the sign of some kind of insect infestation, either on the tree itself, or a neighboring plant which is depositing sticky honeydew. Aphids can cause sticky citrus leaves, but if you don’t see any insects on your plants, it’s very likely you have scale insects and don’t realize … Read more

5+ Best Tasting Hybrid Tomatoes to Grow

There is an ongoing debate about which tomatoes are better to grow, hybrid or heirloom. While there is a place for both types of tomatoes, hybrid tomatoes do tend to yield more and have more disease resistance than their heirloom counterparts. But heirlooms tend to have a more intense taste, and can have different flavor … Read more

All About Heirloom Tomatoes (Common Questions & Answers)

Enjoying homegrown tomatoes picked off the vine is one of the simple pleasures of the summer garden. Growing your own tomatoes also lets you try rare or more flavorful heirloom varieties which you can only find in farmers markets.  Read below for answers to some of the common questions about heirloom tomatoes. Are Heirloom Tomatoes … Read more

Are Pepper Plants Perennials? (Q&A)

Pepper plants are a staple in many annual vegetable gardens, but are really perennials which can be grown year-round in warmer climates that don’t experience a frost. They even develop thick, woody stems as they mature into the following year. Read more below about these semi-woody perennials and also how to keep them alive beyond … Read more

Sun Sugar vs. Sungold Cherry Tomatoes (Comparison)

Two of the most popular orange cherry tomato hybrids are Sun Sugar (sometimes sold as Sunsugar) and Sungold (less commonly sold as Sun Gold) and for good reason. They’re both similar in size, color, and productivity, and both are prized for their sweet and tangy flavor, regularly topping lists for most delicious cherry tomatoes.  The … Read more