How to Grow Zapotec Jalapenos (and Where to Get Seeds)

The Zapotec jalapeno is an old heirloom variety from Oaxaca, Mexico, cultivated over generations and likely dating back to the time of the Aztecs.  This variety boasts excellent flavor, good production, and hotter-than-average jalapeno heat. Zapotec jalapenos are becoming a must-grow variety for jalapeno lovers. Read below for more information on this variety and how … Read more

7 Biggest Jalapeno Varieties to Grow (& How to Get Seeds)

Jalapenos are a versatile hot pepper; they’re great for pickling, stuffing, fermenting, grilling, adding to salads, and even making hot sauces. There’s a reason why they’re one of the most popular pepper varieties to grow.  There is also a surprising variety of jalapenos to grow. While most start green and ripen to a deep red, … Read more

Growing Egyptian Walking Onions in Containers (Tips)

Egyptian walking onions are becoming an increasingly popular option for gardeners looking for a hardy, no-fuss, easy-to-grow perennial onion. These onions first resemble bunching onions, but in the summer, they produce a topset of bulbils, not flowers, which can be eaten or planted like small onion sets to expand your onion patch. These onions can … Read more

12 Fertilizers for a Bumper Okra Harvest

Okra is a prolific vegetable in the garden (and highly underrated in the kitchen). Once they start producing pods, you have to check on them every day because they just keep producing and the pods mature quickly. But in order to get the most production, you need rich, well-draining soil with lots of organic matter. … Read more

15 Must-Grow Tomato Varieties for Small Containers

Gardeners with limited space shouldn’t be left out of experiencing the joy and satisfaction of eating fresh tomatoes out of the garden. Many tomato varieties can grow in containers. While dwarf tomatoes with full-sized fruits usually need at least a 5-gallon container, many dwarf and determinate cherry and cocktail tomatoes have been specifically bred for … Read more

How to Measure Plant Pot Size (with Calculations)

Using the right pot size can mean the difference between having thriving plants with lots of room to spread their roots and struggling, root-bound ones that can’t reach their full potential. Some pots will already have the size written or stamped on them, usually on the side or bottom (especially nursery pots). So, why would you … Read more